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Accountancy Services

Accountancy Services

Company formations including Secretarial duties

If you are a budding entrepreneur or just looking to make your new business project official, you will need to set up a company. However there are so many choices and what is best for you will vary from business to business. Sole trader, Limited company, partnership? We can sit down with you and discuss what you need from your company to ensure your business is set up and ready to support you. Many people who under research and just start trading immediately can run into real obstacles because they have set up the wrong type of company. We can help you set up your new business so the groundwork is ready for you to succeed. We can also act as your company secretary to further help you and make your administrative process as smooth as possible.

What is a company secretary?

A company secretary is responsible for the administration of a company from filing annual reports to Companies House to ensuring top level administrative matters. As a director of a company you cannot appoint yourself as company secretary, however if you do not appoint one all of those responsibilities will fall on your shoulders adding a higher workload to your schedule. With an efficient company secretary you can focus on the important aspects of your business such as delivering your products/ services and increasing turnover. Using us to perform your company secretary duties will mean your statutory compliance and account filing to companies house will be taken care of for you. We can also act as a link between a company’s directors and shareholders, allowing for a clear pathway of communication to be established.

What does a company secretary do?

Compliance – A company secretary will ensure you are compliant with the 2006 Companies Act at all times 

Companies House Changes – Many businesses have changes of circumstances from directors to address a reliable secretary will inform Companies House of these changes to ensure you have less on your mind to worry about in those transition periods.Any company structural changes will also be recorded for you in your company’s statutory register. 

Annual Returns – An efficient company secretary will help with the accounting burden on the owner of a company by ensuring all accounts and returns are filed in a timely manner. 

Paperwork – Paperwork can pile up using a company secretary can help you with this by ensuring all confidential and important paperwork is securely stored and managed. Also important documents can be signed by the company security on your behalf. 

Working with shareholders – As aforementioned a secretary can open up a clear line communication with directors and shareholders. Any task can be helped with from notifying all members of changes to arranging board meetings. 

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Over 50 thousand businesses have been formed in the North West recently

Payroll is a crucial aspect of any growing business.It can however be very time consuming especially if you can’t afford to or are not big enough to employ a dedicated specialist.Increased legislation and audit control mean companies now need to be more compliant than ever when it comes to payrolls. This is why more and more people are relying on accountants to help them with this burden.  

Payroll accounting duties would include; approval of payrolls, general ledger accounts, payroll control account, employee benefit contributions, P35 and end of year balances.


We can use both single-entry and double-entry bookkeeping methods to help you stay on top of your finances and transactions. Having a good bookkeeper can make all the difference when it comes to the organisation and efficiency of your company.

Dealing with HMRC on clients behalf

When you are busy running a business it can be time consuming and costly to wait hours trying to get through to HMRC from them to deal with any of your queries. When you use us as your accountant we deal with HMRC for you, so you can free up time to focus on the more important aspects of your business.

On-site support / training

We love helping local businesses. Helping local companies means we can offer them a face to face service and they are welcome to stop into our offices and arrange appointments so we can help them with any of their business related issues. If there is an aspect of your accounts you need help and training with we can take the time to train you so you have the tools necessary to keep your company running smoothly.  

Management accounts

We can manage and maintain all aspects of your accounts. Our widespread management system is designed to ensure all our clients can get the help they need with their businesses. 

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